Old Quarter. Your horrible loud live music is very irritating.

Hotel Old Quarter, I have tolerated your jazz music on Monday evenings for many years, mostly because I happen to like jazz. But I heartily dislike your live rock music during the rest of the week. I don’t really care what sort of music you play inside your cafe/restaurant/hotel. But I do object to having to listen to the rather bad rock bands that you hire in.

You have two sets of doors. If you use both of them, as you should by law, then I and the rest of the neighbourhood would not have to listen to your bad taste in music.

When you have both doors open, I CAN HEAR YOUR CRAPPY MUSIC. To keep some peace in the neighbourhood, either turn down the volume or CLOSE YOUR BLOODY DOORS. Please.

Later (02.00)
Well the music is so loud that it is very obvious what tracks this lousy band is playing. The playlist from 1.30 to 1.50 was as follows: “Come on, come on now” (okay, maybe not the title, but the main text), “Hey Jude”, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. And yes, my windows are closed. I finally rang the police at 1.50 and the doors (one set only) were closed 10 minutes later. I can tell that it is only the inner doors that were closed as there are still gulfs of loud noise every time someone leaves or enters.

I shouldn’t have to ring the police. You should just use your doors, both sets.

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